Intent-Based Leadership for Agile Leaders

how to listen, talk and run agile meetings - Based on the FT book of the month: Leadership is Language by L. David Marquet

In this course travel around the world and discover how, as a leader, you can bring out the best in your team - and yourself - through what you say -- and what you don't. 

Learn about the theories surrounding Leadership is Language and then test and hone your responses through simulated working under time pressure in unfamiliar environments before applying your learnings to your own work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the course include?

The course covers some underlying concepts and then the six plays. For each section you will learn about the core theme; apply the theme to your own work; make observations about how to optimise your performance and take part in a simulated exercise (or game) to test how you apply the themes in a new situation and under time pressure!

Can I complete the course on any device?

Yes, the course can be completed on a desktop, tablet or phone. With a phone we recommend using landscape view - do check that your native phone settings are set to allow screen rotation. You can download the TalentLMS app from iOS and Android app stores.

Can I do this with a team of people? 

Yes, if you have completed this as an individual but would like to take it back to your team we can set you up with a separate URL, payment plan and any co-branding that you require. 

What is a 'playbook'? 

The term playbook originated from American Football. The book was created by a team coach to collate set 'plays' that a team could rehearse for a series of scenarios. By practising these scenarios over and over the team becomes confident and comfortable in working together under varied circmustances. 

This has since become adopted by businesses to help teams model behaviours and actions that ensure they are able to perform to the best of their ability, whatever curve balls they are thrown!

What is a game? 

We have used game in this context to mean the simulated environment where you will be practising the learning you have gained during the 'playbook' exercises. These games are set in different locations around the world with different teams and challenges. 

Is this course certified? 

Yes! You will receive a certificate awarded by the Intent-Based Leadership Institute and Featur Labs. This sample section is not certified. 

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You can contact us through 

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